Susan Makara - Artist
ZIPPEDYOU ROCK MY WORLDTHE LINE UPTENSIONSTRATIFIED STANCEREDHEAD WITH FRECKLESIN THE GROOVEHARMONYEXQUISITE EQUILIBRIUMCOME TOGETHERAbove It AllBridging the GapMaking A PointMay I Join You?Family ReunionNobleBridge Over Doubled BouldersMY TIARAuntitled 2OverpassStepping StoneFirst Cairn XLittle Cairn #10IT'S COMPLICATEDSedona CairnReach For The Stars
The Stone Series began in 2000 when I came across a field of cairns during a hike in Sedona, Arizona. This ongoing Series has gone through what I refer to as incarnations that reflect the ups and downs of events taking place in my life at the time. These sub-series or incarnations run the gamut from rough, textured, monochromatic acrylics to smooth, colorful, metallic leaf and oil paintings. The cairns in this folder represent the latest incarnation and are available unless otherwise stated. Colorful!