Susan Makara - Artist
Scratchboard trees in a clients homeTree #11Tree #10Tree 9Tree 8Tree 7Laughing DragonTail detail of Laughing DragonHead detail of Laughing DragonKing of SpadesQueen of SpadesKing of HeartsQueen of HeartsKing of ClubsQueen of ClubsKing of DiamondsQueen of DiamondsJokers WildBaby Dragons Eat the MoonMr. DragoonShe Dragon With CrescentMrs. DragoonJokerTwo Heads/One HatAmerican HealthcareFairy and Caterpillar in Disguise Try to Scare Mouse Off of MushroomInsecticaMiss KittyPortalsUnicorn SeahorseTree #1MoochieReagan
Scratchboard is a drawing technique done on a board coated with white kaolin clay. I use Ampersand Claybord. The clay then has a layer of ink applied. A variety of styluses are used to scratch through the ink revealing the white clay beneath. This results in a white line. Colored inks are applied as a new layer and scratched again. Some of the work has as many as six layers.